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Can someone please help Fernando?

Hi Dear Friends,

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a closet crossdreser who needs some help related to transition procedure, its cost, and everything related to it...maybe some financial help too. I am not sure of that.

Though, I personally don't have any knowledge about it, I would request if anyone who knows more can help him with same.

You can mail him at:

Thank you!


 Here is the mail that I received from him -

"Hi my name is fernando i´m from mexico city and sorry for my bad english, i´m 28 years old and seek help, i´m really desperate beacause i have been desperate since i have memory, because i feel like a woman and all my life i kept silent, always the "pride of the family" and the "man" cause i´m the firstborn my father force me to be a bodybuilder and i do it but i hate every inch of muscle to i gain, i can,t any more, I have not enough resources to do it alone, i do not care anything, i need to be who i am because i feel like dying slowly, i´m willing to do whatever it takes, i cant any more, i´m really desperate, please help me, even whit information please i beg, i can send you pictures whit my like man and like woman, thank you for read me!

 i´m work at televisa like a production assistant, and my salary is around 1000 dolars monthly, I have not enough resources for do it alone, I\'m willing to do whatever it takes, sign contracts, taking hormones, travel, whatever! because i can´t any more please help me, to day i lose 12k, i can´t sleep, i lose my friends, i am a closet crossdresser and it is so frustrating and sad, i guess i look pretty like a woman i have a lot of pictures, i can send you some pictures if you need it,"



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