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My name is Raj and we are two brothers and sons of a rich father. My brother, Sameer (His nickname is Sam) was married to Seema, my Sister-in-law (In India, we call such a relation as Bhabhi). My parents wanted a second child as a girl but as God would have had it, their wish was not fulfilled and thus was born a male that is I. My mother didn't try to make me a girl but she always used to express that and whenever my cousin sisters used to come to our house, mom would dress me in their clothes to satisfy herself but that was in childhood and nothing of this sort happened when I grew up.
I was not a Crossdressor but certain instances happened that changed my life forever. Sam is about two years elder to me and we were in the same college and Sam married Seema who was in my class. She was the prettiest girl of our college with a figure to die for and a beautiful face. I used to masturbate a lot thinking about her but it was not that I used to think about her sexually, it was that I liked Seema's femininity and that used to arouse me. Then as God would have it, Sam met Seema through me, he fell in love with Seema and they both got married.

Sam and Seema used to stay in my adjoining room and in the first few days I always used to hear noises, which used to make my life miserable and lonely. I used to like Seema's femininity and I used to admire her beauty a lot. I was so mermized by her femininity that once I was having a bath in Sam's bathroom and saw Seema Bhabhi's Lingerie hanging on the bathroom door. It was a beautiful piece, it was a red satin laced Bra and a Panty which made me stare at them. I don't know what happened to me and I immediately took the bra and panty and wore them. I felt, I was in heaven. I liked it so much that I masturbated for about half an hour.

After that, started the feminine chapter of my life. I used to stay at home alone whenever Seema used to go out and I would sneak in her room and wear all her dresses. I did not leave any of her dress. As my built and Seema's was of the same size so I never had any difficulty in wearing them.
I had become so frequent in dressing and when I explored on the internet,
I found that I am not alone. I had now decided that I wanted to lead a life of a female and get married to a male and lead a life of an Indian Wife. As my family was famous and my father was so strict that I dare not speak of my wishes to him. I thought and thought and then I approached my father asking him to write his will and give me my share of his wealth. This came as a shock to the whole family but I didn't care for I wanted my share of money so I could live alone and live a life as I wanted. My father asked for some time for he needed to think.

In the meanwhile, I was enjoying my life by dressing myself in Seema's Attire.

Then the incident came for which I was waiting. My parents, Sam and Seema had to go to Europe for buying of a factory. My Father and Brother were going and the wives decided that they would accompany them and enjoy themselves. Sam would at least stay there for a month and my dad would might have to stay longer. I was to stay back to look after the house. I got to wear only those stuff which were out and not locked in the cupboard. I always had longed to wear Seema's Bridal Dress, which was always locked, in her cupboard with full jewelry. I was always looking for a chance. But this time I was given all the keys so I had access to Seema wardrobe.

After they left, I got so excited that I couldn't wait so I opened Seema's cupboard and took out her bridal dress (Lehenga) and started making preparations for it.  Then I was dressed and then suddenly, the door opened and Seema was standing looking at me.

I then said without thinking anything, "No Bhabhi! I was just trying out something for the fancy dress competition at the college." Even as I said it, both of us knew it was a lie. I was dressed haphazardly in Red Lehenga. As bhabhi took a step towards me, I moved back in fear. The payals that I was wearing rang out as I moved. Bhabhi smiled at me and said, Oh, my doll! Do accept now. You have become a beautiful bride".

While I was burning in shame on being discovered, she moved forward and felt my breasts. I was wearing her best bra, stuffed with socks containing rice. I was not sure what she would say when she found out that I was wearing her panties as well.
Seema returned for she had some problem in her passport so he came back and the others decided to continue their journey. After admiring me for some time, she smiled and said, "You crazy girl, you are looking more beautiful than me.

Seema immediately thought of a plan when she saw me dressed in her clothes. She smiled and we then sat down for some chat. Seema demanded that she wanted to know the reason for me dressing like this. I knew there was no escape so I told her everything. She heard very carefully and promised me that she would help me in every way she can. She said that she would help me in becoming a woman and getting married off too to a man of my dreams.

Then started my femininity lessons, Seema went and brought hell lot of female stuff for me like bra, panties, dresses and other stuff. She said that we have an entire month to enjoy and then she would present me to my brother. I don't know but I got excited. Seema would in every 3-4 hours would discuss about her sex life and things she had done with Sam. I couldn't guess but Seema was pushing me towards Sam and I also started masturbating thinking of Sam. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it.

I learnt cooking, stitching, sewing, doing make-up and hell lot of female stuff. I would be dressed the entire day in woman's dress. Then Seema got a call that Sam is returning the next day.
We both got excited and then next day early morning I got dressed in Seema's wedding Lehenga. I was wearing her red and gold lehenga choli. My face was made up with a proper foundation, eyeliner, blush, and blood red lipstick. I was wearing the traditional bridal jewelry on my hair, ears and neck. My round red bindiya was looking nice between my plucked eyebrows. My arms were full of red glass bangles. There was red nail polish on my nails.

I suddenly felt that I couldn't go in front of Sam. Though I pleaded with her she would not let me change and I was presented to Sam that evening. He came over and hugged me and stared at me. I could not raise my eyes with him and my eyes were lowered. Suddenly, I saw bulge in Sam's pants. I was so happy that Sam has liked the way I looked and he is liking me. Tears started flowing from my eyes. He wanted me to continue as a girl for some more days because he liked the way I looked. He made a plan with Seema that we all should go out to Kerala for a Holiday and I would have to stay as a girl.

Now I was trapped. The next day I left with them on their holiday. We were going by Plane. I was dressed in jeans and tank top and my name was changed to Rani (Queen in Indian Language). My full breasts were causing many boys to walk by our seats repeatedly. I pretended not to notice though I was feeling good about the attention. As we reached the Hotel, I found the staff being very attentive to me.

I changed into a top and a mini skirt as we sat for lunch. All this time, Sam would see me from the corner of the eye and smile. I was knowing that Sam was getting attracted towards me. By evening I had a worn a saree with all the jewelry as we were going to a nearby temple. My brother joked with me, "We need to locate a groom for you."

He was joking but I guessed that he was talking about himself as my Groom. Sam had fallen head over heels in love with me. We went all over Kerala with Seema.

Seema was seeing all this and she used to dress me specially to get his appreciation. I avoided being alone with him. At last he tricked me to go to a non-existent view point for Seema said that she was tired and would like to rest in the Hotel and asked us to continue. We landed up in thick forest. When Sam saw that we are completely alone, he drew me towards him and started kissing me and fondling me. I got mad for I got what I always wanted. I loved that kiss and was madly in love with Sam who was my Brother, my same blood and I was ready to do anything for him. I did not wait too long before I kneeled down and opened his pants and then took out his manliness and put it in my mouth. Oh! I loved it for I had never tasted such a thing before. I sucked so hard and in a loving manner that Sam was moaning and soon I satisfied him with my mouth. Sam then opened all my clothes and asked me to kneel down and made me bent down and started fingering my hole. Suddenly, I saw Seema's necklace dangling from my neck and guilt came over me. I pushed Sam away and started crying. Sam understood that I was not ready for all this so we got dressed and returned to Hotel.
I confided in my bhabhi about it and cried a lot. Seema did not seem angry and she tried to console me. Seema then surprised me for she said that she would not have any objections to me having sex with Sam. I refused but she tried to convince me for she said that if I don't do this then I would be dissatisfied throughout my life. She then told me that why don't I decide to live my entire life as a woman and become the second wife of my brother. She said that she would speak to my parents and convince them and also would persuade Sam for it. I thought she is talking rubbish for this is impossible. Seema then said that it would be wonderful if I marry Sam for then Seema and I can live as sisters and have great fun. Even if she has to share her husband with me, she would not mind for she would enjoy. I loved Sam so much and after today's incident started praying that Seema be successful in her plan.

We returned to Mumbai without any further development. My parents were to return the next day so this time also the plan was same. I was presented to my parents in a beautiful Saree. My parents were shocked and my mother hugged me and started crying. They both said that they always wanted a daughter. I was feeling ashamed but then after seeing my parent's reactions, I heaved a sigh of relief. Seema then told them about her future plans in a closed room and Sam and I was standing out. My mom, dad and Seema came out, Mom came towards me hugged me and said that they have no objections in me becoming second wife to my brother Sam and second daughter-in-law to them.
I became so happy that I started crying. Then Sam also agreed and then it was decided that Sam and I would get married in one month's time and it would be a small family affair. Sam would stay in the another house till we are married and Mom and Seema would do all the preparations. Seema and I then started shopping, we bought the whole market. Saris, seducing Bra sets, lingerie, sexy sleep wear, gowns, skirts, tops, and almost all types of ladies wear. In the meanwhile, Seema would also prepare me with all the tips for a nice marriage and first night.

Sam and I were not allowed to meet but we would chat everyday for 1-2 hour about our life, marriage and sex. I used to enjoy the chats so much. We were both brothers few days back now we were only two lovers who were madly in love with each other.

Then the D-Day came when we were to get married. I was dressed in a beautiful and Red Lehenga and Choli with all the make-up. My mother and Seema took me to Sam where he was waiting for me, his bride. I looked at him and he at me, we both sensed that we were waiting for all these rituals to get over so that we can make love to each other. Soon all the rituals were over and then the moment cam for which we were waiting for.

Seema took both of us to her bedroom, which was now decorated with flowers, and the whole bed was covered with flowers. She left us, wished us best of luck and went out and locked the room. Sam slowly took me to the bed and then made me sat down. He then opened all my jewelry, then he took out my choli, then lehenga, petticoat and now I was standing in front of Sam, my Brother, No my husband in only red satin bra and red satin lace panty. I was feeling shy but then he pulled me towards him and started kissing me. I fell in his strong arms and retaliated. I also kissed him hard. Then I was sucking his male hardness inside the depth of my mouth. I sucked harder and harder till he exploded in my mouth. He then made me bend down on my knees and hands and started putting his fingers in my ass with oil. After lubricating, he slowly started thrusting his male hardness in my hole. He slowly went further in, meanwhile I was screaming in pain. I felt like stopping Sam but I wanted him to go further and further in. Sam then increased his speed and started fucking me hard and then he again exploded inside me. I felt complete, I felt happy and I felt as if in heaven.
We rested in each other's arms and then after 1 hour we again started making love to each other.
In the morning Seema woke us and made me dress in a nice benarsi saree and then Sam and I flew to Switzerland for our Honeymoon for 2 weeks. We spent almost all our time in the hotel loving each other. I had never felt so happy in my life.

We returned and I on entering the house touched the feet of my mom, dad and Seema as part of Indian ritual where daughter in law touches the feet of elders.

I then in times to come became a true daughter-in-law of the house. My everyday would start by getting up early in the morning at 6 Am, take a bath and get dressed in a saree, and put sindoor in the parting of my hair (Indian married woman wear on their forehead which symbolizes marriage). I would then go to the kitchen, make the morning tea and take it to my Mom-in-law, Father-in-law, touch their feet and then I would take the tea to my hubby and my sister Seema. After serving tea to them and giving a morning kiss to Sam, I would then send Sam and Seema to their bathrooms, and meanwhile I would take out their undergarments and dresses out on the beds for them to wear that day. When they used to come out, I made a point to dress both of them myself. I used to make Seema wear her dress and Sam his dress. Then I would again go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for the entire family. Then we all of us would eat together and go off to their respective work. Seema had also joined Dad and Sam in their office, Mom would go to he Boutique and I would be left in the house to do all the house chores. I also used to go for shopping, and also go to Kitty parties. I always felt happy in doing all this. Then everyone would return in the evening and then we chatted our experiences and then we would go to sleep. Seema, Sam and I used to sleep together and we always used to make threesome sex. We all were happy.

Seema then one day broke the news that she is pregnant and I became so happy that I would also be called mother of my child whose father is Sam, my brother. Seema then confessed one day that when she had seen me in a female dress, then immediately a plan had struck her which was that she would get me married to Sam and in this way there would be no Will and no Property would be divided and everything would remain in the family and in the hands of Sam. She further told me that she had conveyed all this to Sam and my parents before their coming and they all agreed to enact all this. She also told me that Sam in the beginning was not agreeing to this but when he saw me, he got aroused and slowly fell in love with me. She also told me that she thought that if I get married to Sam then she would make me do all the housework and in this Seema would not have to work.

I heard all this but this did not matter to me for I was madly in love with my brother Sam, my Bhabhi Seema and I was ready to live life like this. I still loved Sam and was ready to widen my legs and take him inside me who was my brother but now he has become my loving husband.


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