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Good Bye Daddy Feminization Captions :(

 Hi Friends,
Recently I visited one of my most favourite TG Caption Blog "Daddy Feminization" and came to know that the blog has already been shut down by the creator, Cheryl Anderson and now she is now planning to move ahead with creating TG theme comics.
Here is what she has written on her blog:
"I'm done with capping photos. But what would you think about a tg-themed comic? I've been looking for an artist for some time, but haven't come up with anyone whose style I like enough. Please answer the questions below. If you'd like to send me final thoughts, please email at:"
There is one thing I am sure of... There will be many TG caption lovers (including me) who will miss her wonderful captions badly.
But anyway, we would like to thank her for her contribution for TG world and wish her very best of luck with her new plans!


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