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Every man wants to be a woman ....

Every man wants to be a woman,
every woman wants to be a man,
for the simple reason
that every man is both -- man/woman -- 
and every woman is both -- woman/man. 
You are born out of the meeting of male and female energies; 
half of you belongs to your father 
and half of you belongs to your mother. 
You are a meeting of two polar opposites, two energies.
The only difference between man and woman is this: 
that the woman has the consciousness of a woman 
and the unconscious of a man, 
and the man has the consciousness of a man 
and the unconscious of a woman. 
But BOTH are both!

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Smooth Shave Guaranteed!

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New Animated TG film - FINAL EXAM!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Final Exam is a new 30-minute animated TG film created by Wyrdey (Fictionmania Author) which is available for download now. (Have to pay price for it though!)

Its about a young witch who, as part of her final exam in transformational magic, decides to turn an obnoxious boy in her (daylight) classes into a boy-crazy bimbo, leading to situations involving a lot of sex and not-so-much plot.

Here is link with more details about this movie.
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An Important Announcement About SapphireFoxx

Become a Subscriber to

Occasional videos might still get uploaded to YouTube, such as Stealing From Sis, but the vast majority will only be for subscribers to the site. If I do release more videos here, it will at least be a month after subscribers get access to it.
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A friend in need is a ....?

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Sapphirefoxx becoming a paid site?

I just came across the news that Sapphire Foxx has announced, due to getting rejected by Google Adsense he is planning to switch his site into a 'Pay Site' and after this all of his artwork will be available only with a membership fee of $5.00 per month!

I've been a big fan of Sapphire Foxx's work ever since I came across it and I truly believe that the guy deserves to earn some good money out of his hard work and creativity but on the other hand, I also believe that instead of making his site a pay site, he should try some other advertisers because I don't think most of the people will be able to afford paying any such amount as a monthly membership.

There are many other advertising companies, which I am sure will accept his site.

Anyways, I would like to wish him good luck for for whatever he tries... 
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