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Hi Friends,
For last few days I have working on creating a blog containing only Indian TG content as there are very few Indian TG blogs around and only few of them are getting updatting regularly.
Though this new blog will contain only Indian TG Stories, Indian TG Captions, Bollywood TG Videos etc. etc., I am planning to make those contents available in both languages .i.e. Hindi and English.
Only thing I want from all Indian TG lovers is their contribution in this blog.

Due to time constraint it will be slightly difficult for me to maintain and update that blog regularly.  Hence, I want to request an invite to everyone to come join this blog and share their content with everyone.
In case you wish to become part of this new blog or have any question regarding same, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Love & Regards,


If anyone who don't know how to use blogger and how to write a post in it or have any other question, I am ready to provide my full help to him/her.


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